Terms and Conditions

Poke Awesome Code Catcher, The Awesome Couple LLC, and JN-Cards are not affiliated with or associated with The Pokemon Company International, Nintendo Inc., or Game Freak. Use of this application constitutes an offer from you, the seller, to The Awesome Couple, the buyer, of codes to be used in the Pokemon Online Trading Card Game (PTCGO). This offer is conditional upon acceptance of transmitted data at the sole discretion of The Awesome Couple LLC.

This application’s function is to scan your UNUSED Pokemon Online Codes to The Awesome Couple LLC and JN-Cards for sale or store credit at www.PokemonAwesome.com. All Pokemon Online Codes are single use. Upon submittal, all codes will be validated within 48 business hours. Once codes are validated and deemed “not redeemed” or “invalid”, you will receive an e-mail confirming payment. All paypal transactions will be paid using paypal’s Good and Services option. A 2% reduction in final payout will occur to compensate for the fees on your behalf. If codes are found to be “redeemed” after validation and payment, your payment in full will be null and void and all funds will be returned to The Awesome Couple LLC.

All store credit will be issued for use on www.PokemonAwesome.com. You will be able to redeem store credit for all items. Coupon codes will not work with the store credit issued. Choice of store credit is final and cannot be transferred to another method of payment. The Awesome Couple LLC and JN-Cards have the right to refuse any and all codes for any reason. During validation codes will be checked against the following parameters. Codes will be verified not redeemed. Codes will be verified not invalid. Codes will be verified not duplicates of previous code sales.

Users are responsible to be on the latest version of the application. Users that submit codes that aren't on the latest version void their rights to dispute their payout as important changes are made to improve application security and functionality.