Download, Scan, Submit, Get paid!

It's never been easier to sell your pokemon online trading card game codes. Using your smartphone you can download the code catcher app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play app Store

Available for Download

Using the iOS camera app or android qr code reader scan
the image below to download the app.

qr code to app

How the app works


  • submission screenshot
  • submission screenshot

After downloading the app enter in your Name, Email and Payment Email (if applicable).


  • submission screenshot

Switch over to the scanning tab where you can scan up to 950 Pokémon TCG online code cards at a time.*


  • submission prescan
  • submission progress

After scanning you codes hit the submit button, in a few minutes there should be a confirmation email confirming your submission.

Get Paid

  • submission screenshot
  • submission screenshot

After receiving your submission, the codes will be validated and you will receive an email with the total value of your code submission. Soon after your account will be credited with the value from the email depending if you chose paypal or store credit. You can also track submissions made by going to the status tab.